5 Weird WarioWare Microgames


With WarioWare Gold coming out in just a couple of months, I thought I’d have a quick playthrough of the original Game Boy Advance game, since I’m pretty hype. It’d been over a decade since I’d played it, and I’d forgotten quite how strange it was. That’s the reason for this little featurette, basically.

For those of you unfamiliar, WarioWare is essentially a collection of 200 so-called ‘microgames’, grouped into about eight different levels. Each microgame is about five seconds long, and you have to play them rapid fire. It’s a moreish game where it’s very fun to chase a new high score. I’d highly recommend finding a copy of it and playing it.

With that said, here’s five of weird microgames. I’m going to keep things simple this time. We’re going to have the name of the game, a GIF of said game, and the in-game description for it below that. I ain’t even gonna attempt to explain or commentate on it, the game can speak for itself for once.

#5 – Nighttime Allergies


“I want to enjoy the evening, but my nose just won’t stop running. Ewww…”

#4 – What’s Your Beef?


“Move the knife to cut the steak. Mmm. Meat is good.”

#3 –  Hot Dog Hog


“Eat the Hot Dog and don’t leave any behind! Only losers leave the table early!”

#2 – Body Block


“Impede the watermelon’s progress with your body. Try not to fail completely.”

#1 – Gold Digger


“This one needs no introduction. Just pick me a winner!”

That’s about it, really. I don’t want to provide any context to whatever the five images above are. Seriously, I don’t. Leave it. Join me next time where I’ll speak for the game instead of letting it speak for me. Oh, and follow us on Twitter. Cheers chuck.


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