E3 2018 – four of my personal highlights

It’s been a whole bunch of broken promises on this website. I said I’d edit the Let’s Take A (Video) Look At Drill Dozer article to provide some insight into the process of creating it. Did I do that? Nope.

I also promised that I’d do an article once a week looking at all the gaming news. Did I do that? Well, I did one of them, but I don’t plan on doing any more of them. Another nope there, then.

I also promised a buster feature on all of the big games and names that were at E3. Do I plan on doing that? Do I fuck. Sorry.

Anyway. Let’s forget all about that. It’s a new week. I have reasons for not doing a HUGE E3 article.

I’ll be honest – E3 was disappointing for me this year. I have little interest in writing thousands of words about it. However, it wasn’t a complete letdown – there were a few announcements which were interesting. Four of them, to be specific. And I’d like to write about those.

So then, here we are – here’s four things that I liked from E3 2018. Just in case you care, for some reason. Not quite the buster article that was promised, but at least it’s something, eh?

Ridley isn’t too big for Smash

The Smash Bros Ultimate reveal was pretty sweet, though it took up far too much of the Direct presentation, in my opinion. Still, the info dump was nice. And it was pretty great to find out that every Smash Bros character, including third party characters like Cloud Strife and Solid Snake will be featured in the game.

I thought that was all the info I’d get, really. It was pretty expansive, though it did feel like we were just being read patch notes at points. Ooo, Mario has an outfit inspired by Super Mario Odyssey. Brilliant. Give me something substantial, please.

And then they did.


Alright, so it isn’t Mother Brain like I (jokingly) predicted, but it’s the guy that I really wanted.

The Metroid franchise has been under represented in Smash since Melee, really. Sure, Brawl came along and gave us Zero Suit Samus, but it wasn’t until Smash 4 that she became a character of her own, anyway. And it’s basically just the same character twice. We needed Ridley.

And now we have him. I didn’t expect it, since Sakurai said there weren’t going to be many new challengers – which is to be expected with a game that revealed it has 64 characters, plus alternate modes for some of them.

But then something happened. Sakurai, the ingenious bastard that he is, announced that he had a very special new challenger to reveal.

Muscles tightened as I watched the reveal trailer at the end of the Smash Bros Ultimate presentation. You see Mario, Mega Man, and Samus walking across a very Metroid-looking bridge. Mega Man gets picked off by a swooshing, flying creature. Soon after, Mario is gone too,

A bit of wee came out as it dawned on me, followed by a full bladder release as he came on screen after doing Mario in, spinning his cap on the end of his finger like the glorious bastard that Ridley is.


Of course, none of that would matter if he played like arse. From what I’ve seen, though, he looks like a blast. New main? I think so.

Give me Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo. I didn’t care for Smash on the Switch until this. Now, I need it.


Oh. And they’re giving us Daisy as a proper alternate form to Peach, too. Aces.

Spider-Man looks alright


Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is looking pretty damn good, to be honest. It’s hard to tell without playing it proper, but swinging around Manhattan at least looks like it’ll be a blast. The city itself is apparently dense and well populated, and is packed with sights for you to see, or, more likely, swing past rapidly and never look at.

The combat looked good, too – it looked more like an arcade brawler than, say, Arkham Asylum. Which is good, because there’s been way too many games ripping off that particular fighting style as of late – it’s starting to get a bit tired. Spider-Man should be bouncy, swinging around the arena and doing dramatic kicks and webbing people into stuff. And, by the looks of things, he is.

The only thing that looked a bit toss was the boss fight.  It looked thoroughly uninspired and a case of dodging stuff and hitting a button when you’d dodged enough to do an attack. Not much tactics there, then, but for all we know, it could be the first boss fight in the game. A warm up, so to speak. I’ll hold judgement on that until the full release.

Besides, in the gameplay demo shown at E3, they were fighting Shocker, of all people. He’s known for being a bit crap. Hopefully the Sinister Six and the rest of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery (Mysterio, please) provide a more interesting fight.


I’ve also heard some reports that the open world is a bit lifeless – as in, there’s a fair bit to look at, but not a lot to interact with. Look, that’s fine with me. The most important thing is that they get the swinging around bit right. And, considering that watching the GIF above gives me motion sickness, I think it’s gonna be decent. Get that bit right, and I’ll buy the game. I don’t know how many hours I whiled away playing Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 2, just cocking about and swinging about like a webhead should.

It makes me happy to look at this. I’m probably going to buy this. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy it too.

Thumbs up for Fire Emblem

fire emblem switch.png

Look, I’m always well up for Fire Emblem. And no, it’s not because you can make pretty anime people shag in it – it’s because I’m a sucker for turn-based, tactical combat. While Shining Force was the first game to pitch this to me, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones was the first game that sold me on it.

I mean, seriously – it sold me on the whole genre. After this, I’ve been an enormous fan of anything in the tactical RPG genre – and that ranges from stuff like the fantastic XCOM to the delightfully weird like the Disgaea series.

With that said, though, Fire Emblem: Three Houses does look a bit different from the norm – and I welcome that with open arms. I trust Nintendo to not mess up the established formula too much, whilst hopefully introducing some changes that are fun and fresh. The changes that we saw in the brief trailer yesterday certainly looked like a natural progression for the series.


For a start, it looks like your hero characters are backed up by actual infantry units this time, which makes a great amount of sense. It was always a bit weird how most of the ‘wars’ in Fire Emblem were between tiny armies of about twelve people each. Now, hopefully, we’ll see some bustling battlefields, and be able to make a proper war out of it. It’s really cool in the trailer when you see the battle sequences kick off – allies dashing toward enemies, swords drawn and shields up.


You also seem to be able to properly wander around the world, or at the very least, a hub area. Fire Emblem has been restricted to a mission select menu for the most part in the past, so it’ll be nice to walk around a proper city, or, even just a castle, really.

This is one that I’ll definitely be smashing to bits. No doubt. A shame that it’s coming out in Spring next year, because my Switch could really do with this now.

Then again, my backlog of indie releases on the Switch will probably take me until Spring to work through, anyway. Oy vey.

Halo is coming home


There was bugger all revealed about Halo Infinite, really, save for the fact that it’s going to be running on an entirely new game engine. Right, right, right. I suppose that’s exciting. What’s even better is that it’s coming out on the PC. Finally, Halo is coming home. One less reason for me to finally get around to buying an Xbox One, I guess.

That’s all that I can say about it. Halo is coming back to the PC. Yeah, there was a cool trailer which showed off Master Chief doing what Master Chief usually does – running around on a segment of a Dyson sphere – but in terms of gameplay footage – nada.

Really, I could say that about a lot of the E3 announcements that I was hyped about. Elder ScrollsAye, here’s an announcement for Elder Scrolls VI – but it’s a shot of some mountains. Nice one, Bethesda. Similarly, Starfield, which sounds woefully like Garfield, was essentially just that – a panorama of some stuff in space, with no actual gameplay footage or detail.

I can’t even remember much of the Sony conference – it all just went by in a whizz of magic acts and amateur dramatics. Well. There’s always next year, I suppose. It does seem to be a bit of a gap year for gaming, but that’s alright – this tends to happen around the end of a console generation.

Anyway. I try not to be too negative on this website, so I’m going to put a sock in it and stop talking shit. There you are, four things that I found interesting at E3. What a conclusion, eh?

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