Atomic Kote Editorial – August 2018

Alright, alright, alright, it’s the Atomic Kote editorial for August.

First of all, if you’re somehow a constant reader, I apologise for the lack of updates this month. I’ve been busy putting together a few things for the site, but none of them are actually at full completion. September, hopefully, will be a fairly busy month when it comes to updates, but then again, I doubt it. I currently have family visiting, so it’s hard to sneak away and find the opportunity to put together a feature of some sort. Said family is my brother, and said brother won’t be leaving until around October. After that, things should hopefully pick up. I have stuff planned for the Halloween season in the back of my mind, so we’ll see where that goes.

As a result, this editorial is going to be a bit shorter, too. I want to get something out, because I said I would, and I am trying to make the website a bit more consistent when it comes to my promises for it. This time, we’re just going to be covering website stuff, rather than dipping into the gaming sphere. With how little time I’ve had, I’ve not been paying much attention to it anyway.

So, in total this month, not including this, there’s been three updates to the website this month, but I’ve apologised for that already. One was fairly standard – a review of WarioWare Gold – while the other two were a bit more unusual. Let’s talk about each of them in detail.


I’ll talk about the more insignificant one first, which was the Nano Block Chameleon review hosted by super prick Booker. This was inspired, for the most part, by X-Entertainment’s old advent calendars from like, actual years ago now. I think 2010 was the last time one was properly released. Anyway, if you’ve never read them, they’re relatively entertaining, or at least, I remember them being that way. I have no idea if it’s possible to find them on the internet these days.

Anyway, I plan on making this into a bit of a regular feature. I need to develop fairly unique features for the website, and nobody else childishly poses Lego figures saying childish things on the internet these days, so I’ll try and make a corner out of it on my patch. Plus, it got a few more views than stuff usually does, and it even got a few shares here and there, which is excellent.

So, perhaps before the end of the month, but more realistically around the beginning of September, there’s gonna be a bit more Booker for you. Well, not a bit more. I might have gone and bought a big bastard box of Lego.


On the box, right there – 2262 pieces. At first, I thought it might take me something like an afternoon to knock up, but in actual fact, I’ve spent four evenings on it and I’ve yet to finish the second story of the damn thing. I’m loving the build, though. And because I spent an obscene amount of money on it, you’ll actually be getting two things about it – a bumper sized Booker special, and an actual review where I write how, you know, I actually feel about it. I have a ton of thoughts about it, and for the most part, they are all very, very good thoughts. Hopefully you’ll see that sometime next month.


The other feature that I wrote was the Complete History of Wario, which was a barnstorming success in all rights, particularly for a teeny tiny website like mine. Tons of shares on Twitter, people posting it on Forums, a lot of thumbs up on Reddit – yeah, it felt pretty great all round, to be honest. Good feedback, including suggestions for any others that I might write in the future. I’ve definitely learnt a lot from writing it – at some point, even, when I’ve got a bit more time, I might go back and tighten the whole thing up. There’s a lot more facts that I’d like to slide in there, but – time didn’t really permit for them.

In future Complete Histories, which there will be more of, I’ll endeavour to cover them with a bit more breadth. There’s a delicate balance between making it a feature that reads like a Wikipedia article, or a feature that actually comes out in your own voice. For the most part, I think I succeeded in the latter. Hopefully, with a little experimentation, I’ll be able to succeed in future articles while providing a touch more info.


In the first couple of days of it, I got a few hundred views on the website. It’s since slowed to a trickle, with about ten or so people reading it a day, but we’re approaching 1,000 page views – it’s easily the most popular feature I’ve written on here. To put it into perspective, Atomic Kote has had, in total, 4546 views. That means that more than a fifth of people came here for that feature alone. If I create more of them, and they become increasingly popular, and there’s a big list of them that you can look at on the website – well, I don’t really need to explain what that’ll do for the traffic on this website.

And that’s about it for the editorial this month. Sorry, I did warn you that it’s going to be short. It’s a down month for the website, one where much hasn’t really happened, and on top of that, one where I don’t have much time to write. As much as I’d love to treat this website like a full time job, it’s impossible for me to at the moment. In a few months time, I’m literally going to be unemployed for a very long space of time while I wait for a green card – so that’s when the website is really going to flourish. Right now, we’re just putting down the basic building blocks for stuff that will happen in the future.

That’s not to say nothing is going to happen. Stuff is going to happen, I promise you. As I said, I have stuff planned for the Halloween season, and I have a feature planned that’s going to take place over pretty much every day in December leading up to Christmas (hint hint, it’s something to do with Booker) so it’s hardly going to be a dry year.

Anyway, I’ve descended into a ramble, so I’m signing off. Cheers for reading, if you bothered getting this far.

Atomic Kote is a blog that focuses on delivering the best content that I can manage, dealing with entertainment and gaming primarily. It’s all written independently by one person, me.

Which is why if you enjoyed this, I’d really appreciate your support. It’s as simple as following the blog itself via WordPress, or even throwing me a follow on Twitter. I’m definitely new to all of this, so I appreciate any support that I can get. Any feedback, positive, negative, or otherwise, is always appreciated.

Honestly, though, you’ve done enough just by getting to the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading, even if you absolutely hated it. This is a passion of mine, and I’ll continue until the day I collapse and die in a heap. 


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