Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 2


Atomic Jane wakes up to find a pleasant, agreeable Spring’s day waiting outside for her. Oh, and some mail, too! We’ve only been here a day, and we’re already popular. Either that, or it’s just pizza flyers.


Oh. It’s actually a pizza flyer. Well, a backpack flyer. Pierre is trying to flog his merchandise on me when he doesn’t really need to. It’s inevitable that I’ll buy that backpack upgrade, mate. No question. But it’s not our main priority right now. Hopefully, we’ll be able to nab it before the end of Spring, but we might have to make do until Summer, depending on how things go. Anyway, we definitely won’t be buying it before Spring 13. We need to save as much gold as possible for the – well, you’ll see.


Our next piece of mail isn’t a shill, though! It’s the opposite of a shill – it’s a freebie. An honest to goodness freebie! We don’t know what the freebie is, but hey, a freebie is a freebie, even if it does come from a guy called, ah, Willy.

We’ll head down to the beach later. First, I wanted to do a little scavenging around the village, and see if there was anything I missed yesterday.


First of all, though, I watered the plants. It’s pretty essential, you know? Can’t have a farm without watered plants, unless you want to run a really shit farm.


On the way into town, I bumped into Shane, who somehow managed to be more of a bitch than Haley. That’s okay, though, I can forgive him. Atomic Jane might know this, but I know that he works at JojaMart. If I worked there, being oppressed for eight or more hours a day, I’d probably not want to speak to some dickhead farmer that messes around in the dirt either.

Oh. He’s a bachelor, too. We haven’t gotten off to a very good start, though.


So, anyway, Atomic Jane went away.


We didn’t find much, unfortunately. What we did find, though, was three spring onions. These will come in handy if we need to restore our stamina later.

We shove them on our hotbar, and then we head down to the beach.


On the way there, I decide to go and have a look at the entrance of the SECRET WOODS. We can’t go in there yet. Not because it’s a SECRET, but because we don’t have a good enough axe to chop that big ugly log. Honestly, I don’t know why I went and looked at it.

Beachward bound. For real this time.


On the way to the beach, we did run to Haley. She was surprisingly complimentary.


Oh. 😦


When we get to the beach, we find Willy hanging around on the edge of a pier, smoking a pipe and doing a merry jig, like he thinks he’s Popeye or something.


Yeah, this guy definitely thinks that he’s Popeye. He’s probably smoking spinach. Literal spinach, not weed or anything. Not that I’d ever call weed spinach, but, someone probably does.




Okay, good stuff, Willy. Glad you had a nice time. Glad you caught some nice fish. Glad they made you a ton of money. Glad you have a new rod. I thought you were going to give me something? I’ll be honest with you, it’s the only reason I came down here.


Oh. Oh. Oh, Willy!


We get Willy’s second hand fishing rod, which is absolutely fine by me. A freebie is a freebie, right? And a freebie is even better when it’s a potential source of income. We’re going to put this to use right away.




Or at least I will as soon as Willy shuts his trap. Jesus, man. ‘If it smells, it sells.’ I really wouldn’t encourage me to try and sell you anything smelly, mate.

We cast our line out from the pier straight away. Before long, we’ve caught our first fish.

Praise the sunfish.

If you’re unfamiliar with fishing in this game, here’s a little GIF to show how it works. It’s pretty damn addictive!


When you manage to snag a fish, you’ll be presented with a fat vertical bar on the left, and a very slender vertical bar on the right. In the fat bar, there’s a fish, and a small green bar or bobber sort of thing. Holding down a button will make the green bobber rise up the fat bar. The only way to make it fall is to release the button. The fish icon moves independently – often erratically – and it’s your job to keep the green bar steady on it.

Make sense? No? Well, it’s probably best that you just give it a go yourself, then.

The plan was to fish up until 3PM, then sell what we caught to Willy. Then, like yesterday, we’ll spend every penny we can on poh-tay-toe seeds.

While we were fishing, we also managed to snag ourselves a chest. You can pick these up when you’re fishing – sometimes they’ll pop up on the fishing bar, and you need to hover the green bar over them for a short time.

In this one, we got coal, which we’ll keep, and bait that we’ll sell, since bait is going to be pretty useless for a while. We’ll need a rod upgrade before we can use it, and a rod upgrade isn’t going to be a priority for a while.

I sell the fish that I’ve collected, which gives us an extra 250g. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s an extra five potato seeds!

While fishing, I also caught some precious seaweed. We’ll keep this incase we need to restore a little stamina later, since it’s a consumable.

It was time to head back into town and go to Pierre’s. Before I got there, though, I bumped into half of the town.

First up, we bump into Elliot, or as I like to call him, ‘handsome’. As he explains, he lives on a beach, but I can’t remember what he does down there. Probably walks around with his shirt off, pretending to be from Baywatch.

He’s another bachelor. Too handsome for me, though.

Over the bridge, we bump into Penny. Penny is a pretty inoffensive girl. She spends most of her time playing babysitter to Jas, who we met yesterday, and Vincent, who we’ll meet right now.

I don’t know how you’re quantifying me as ‘okay’, Vincent. I don’t know what I’ve done, other than say hello.

You’re safe with me, kid. At least on stranger danger. I wouldn’t trust everyone that says ‘hello’ to you. Hell, I’m not even sure if Atomic Jane does that. For all I know, she might not even speak to them. She might just stare at them longingly, waiting for them to say something.

If that’s the case, Vincent isn’t a clever kid.

Jas might prove my theory right, because she just says ‘What?’ That’s definitely something I’d say to someone who was staring me out. Like, seriously – what do you want?

I got a little lost, distracted by all the townfolk, and I ended up arriving at Pierre’s in the nick of time, at 4:50PM. Another ten minutes, and he’d have clocked off. Fortunately, we have just enough time to buy the 11 potato seeds that we’ve earned.

It’s Caroline and Pierre’s daughter, Abigail – you might remember Caroline mentioning her yesterday. As seems usual with the majority of the people in this game, she’s not exactly complimentary to your recent arrival.

Thanks, Abigail. Good to know that you were better off without our presence.

We say hello to Pierre, too, since he’s just finished his shift.

Ms. Atomic will do, thanks.

Pierre is a nice enough guy, but he’s basically a walking, talking advertisement. It seems like he can’t get through one of these text boxes without mentioning the fact that he has a store and seeds that you can buy from him.

You have to wonder why he’s stocking seeds in the first place. The farm has been overgrown for years, apparently. XX years, to be precise. So if that’s the case, who has he been selling these things to before Atomic Jane showed up? No wonder he’s eager to flog all of these seeds to you. They’ve probably been rotting in the back of his shop since your Grandpa died.

Anyway, we got out of there and went back to the farm to plant our seeds.

We tilled a little 2×5 extension onto our existing plot. Because we had eleven seeds, we had to whack an awkward little blob on the end there, too, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to plant them all.

This tree was blocking the view to our little potato field, so I did the necessary and chopped it down, shoving all wood gained into my chest afterward for later use.

That’s much, much better. A clear view to my field.

It might seem a little petty to murder a tree so that I can see one square properly, but it’s kinda necessary. Sometimes you can miss out on watering a plant just because you can’t see the area clearly, and that happening is kinda catastrophic, especially this early in the game.

Anyway, it’s just a virtual tree. Don’t harp on at me.

Since it was only half past seven, and we had a bit of stamina left, I decided up the rest of our day on a little light fishing.

I fished in the river that runs through the village this time, though, rather than the ocean. There’s a few different spots that you can fish in the game, and you can split these up into three main categories – lake, river, and ocean. There’s a few spots that look like they might be ponds, but – they still count as river fish for some reason, even though they’re blatantly not.

There’s also a few other places that you can fish that aren’t lakes, rivers, or the ocean. They’re a little more exciting than that. But you’ll see those later. Hopefully.

At one point, I caught some trash. I don’t know why I took a picture of it. Perhaps it’s because this single screenshot sums up this website better than any words.

It didn’t take too long to run out of stamina. Just before 11PM, we were absolutely pooped. We managed to catch a modest amount of fish, as well as some random junk, including some green algae. Like seaweed, we can nom on this to restore some stamina.

We could do the same with the Joja Cola that we fished up, too, but we’ll sell that. Because fuck the corporation.

I could’ve gone back to the farm right away, but I decided to head into the local pub, the ‘Stardrop Saloon’, to see who was kicking about at this late hour.

The pub wasn’t exactly bustling, but every face in here was a new one. Let’s say hello to them, shall we?

Here’s Clint, the town blacksmith. He doesn’t just upgrade your tools – he’s being modest. There’s another thing that he can do for us, too, but we’ll go and see him when that’s actually relevant.

I always call this guy Saibara. Years of playing Friends of Mineral Town broke me.

Here’s Pam. She used to be a bus driver. Now, she’s the town drunk.

Case in point.

Here’s Gus. He’s the owner of this here fine establishment. He also has an amazing moustache.

We like Gus. Gus is alright. He’ll be selling us tons of salad later. Actual salad, not weed. Not that I’d call weed salad, but someone probably does.

Emily works behind the bar too. At the moment, she’s the only eligible bachelorette in the whole pub. We can find her here pretty much every night, because she works here, tirelessly and constantly.

Will we marry Emily? Don’t ask me, I’m not thinking that far ahead.

There’s also this neat little arcade area next to the bar. The arcade games actually function, which is pretty cool!

We can only play one of them right now. The other we can unlock later. We don’t play it tonight, though. It was getting pretty late, so I decided to head back home and get straight into bed.

Our fishing levels up, which is no real surprise, since I did plenty of it today. We get +1 ‘Fishing Rod Proficiency’, whatever that means.

And here’s what we made from those few fish that we caught. Not much, but we did only have a little bit of stamina left. Besides – 176g is three potato seeds.

Yeah, I’m probably gonna be saying stuff like that a lot.

Spring 3 >

The Stardew Valley Diary is a work in progress. I’ll be updating it at least three times a week – for now – and I’m planning to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – so if you enjoyed this, please check back on those days. If you’re a social media person, you can follow me on Twitter, where I only really post updates to the website. Promise I won’t spam your feed with political nonsense or anything. Just warm, fresh, gaming goodness.


3 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 2

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  2. I’m really enjoying reading these, I haven’t played this game before but it reminds me of Harvest Moon for SNES (obvious comparison I guess).

    Great writing, keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the kind words! Seriously, you’ve made my day.

      It’s very much an expanded Harvest Moon, yeah! It’s pretty cheap (about £10.99, or the equivalent in your currency) and if you ever want a relaxing game to play, I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of that original Harvest Moon.

      Thank you again! There’ll be another one coming tomorrow!


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