Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 3

We had our first rainy day today. And our first visit from crows.

They pinched two of my potato plants. Two! Arseholes. This is unfortunate. We’ll be able to craft a scarecrow soon, but we’ll need to wait for our farming to level up first. For our farming level to go up, we need to harvest crops. It should only take our first harvest to bump us up a level, so we won’t have to wait too long.

As for rain, despite the fact that it’s an arse for us normal, common folk, it’s always good news for farmers. Especially for little baby Stardew Valley farmers like me. It means that we don’t have to water our crops today, and that means that we can take advantage of the extra stamina today.

Sadly, it’s not particularly amazing to have a rainy day this early. It does no detriment to our farm, but there’s not much that we can use that extra stamina on right now, aside from fishing and chopping down trees. As the game progresses and the days roll by, we’ll get more useful and productive things to do. So, in other words, this rainy day could’ve waited until later in the season.

Still, though. No use complaining. Let’s grab some food from the chest and set off to a nice fishing spot.

Over to the left of our house (or to the west, if you will) there’s a little shortcut that takes you directly up to the mountains. It saves you from running all the way through the village. We’ll be using this pathway a lot, so I should probably clear all the branches and shrubs and crap out of the way sooner rather than later.

I’m not sure why I packed the food, honestly. We’re going to struggle to spend all of this stamina as it is. Sure, I could just stand on top of the mountain and fish all day, which’d use it up soon enough, but that wouldn’t make for a thrilling diary entry, would it? So, I’ll have to get creative.

Before we got creative, though, I decided to do the most worthwhile thing that we can do today, at least in terms of finances. We threw out a line and started fishing on this tiny little island here.

There are special fish that you can catch only when it’s raining. Unfortunately, I didn’t see hide nor hair of them, or, well, scale and fin of them.

Instead, after two in-game hours (about 84 seconds) fishing up here, we ended up with fairly common fish – three carp, and two bullheads. Well, common they may be, but they still sell for a fair amount.Anyway, I decided to head into the village and check out a few things. Maybe find a new fishing spot. Not that there was anything wrong with this one, but like I said – creative.

We went down the mountain, rather than going back through Atomic Kote Farm.

Along the way, we passed the knackered old Pelican Townhouse. It was locked, but we’ll be able to go inside it later.

Pierre’s is closed on a Wednesday. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Unfortunately, the alternative is JojaMart.

I wanted to poke around in some of the houses in the village, and see if I could find anyone that Atomic Jane hadn’t talked to yet. Our first stop was this nice house, which has an unhappy sun hanging above the door for some reason.

Nobody was home, though. Rats.

Let’s see if anyone’s in next door.

Ah! A veritable bounty of people to intrude upon. This appears to be the home of Jodi, Sam, and Vincent. We’ve already met all of them, but we might as well say hello.

Jodi was surprised by how late it was. Maybe you should invest in a clock, rather than expecting a random farmer to burst in and tell you the time of day?

Don’t give your Mum more work, mate. She already has loads to do.

We couldn’t speak to Sam, because he was in his room playing guitar. When we’ve befriended him a bit more, we’ll be able to go inside of his bedroom and shoot the shit whenever we want, but for now, it’s a closed door.

Yeah, there’s friendship levels in this game. I’ll explain later, if you’re not already in the loop.

I decided to go down to the beach and fish down there for a bit.

Found ourselves a mussel.

We threw out our line and fished in the ocean for a while. Nothing spectacular happened, unfortunately. But we did catch ourselves some good fish.

We sold everything we caught today to Willy the Sailor Man, netting ourselves a decent profit in the process.

It was time to take a trip to the dreaded JojaMart, since Pierre’s was closed.

I tried to look inside of Handsome Elliott’s cabin, but it was locked. This is what I was talking about earlier with Sam, except with a whole house. Well, it’s not really a house. Inside, I imagine it’s just one room. I wouldn’t know, I’ve genuinely never seen it.

I plan to try to make friends with everyone on this playthrough, though, so we’ll hopefully see the inside of it eventually.

We bumped into Mayor Lewis, who we haven’t seen since the intro. I decided to say hello.

It was awful. The bed was rickety and uncomfortable. I had no choice but to wake up at six o’ clock in the morning.

No, really. It’s just an awful, rickety old bed. There’s weird noises outside, and the house has a massive draft. Some rain got in this morning, even.

We also bumped into Alex. Another bachelor. He seems like a bit of a smooth operator.

See? Smooth.

Shane was as talkative as he was yesterday. Rude, Shane. I’m just about to come over to the shop you work at and give it my business.

I wanted to take a look inside of this house first, though.

New characters! Old people.

Here’s George. He seems a little grumpy, but I can agree with what he’s saying. Most of the people I’ve met so far don’t even want to talk to me. Like I got some dirty city smell on me, or something.

Oh. Okay, George.

Evelyn, George’s wife, is much more approachable though. She’s your typical, sweet little old lady. Hi, Evelyn! Thank you for being a nice person.

I would, but then I might end up calling George ‘Grandpa’ by accident, and I don’t think that he’d like that very much.

Finally, after a whole bunch of diversions, I end up in front of JojaMart. This place truly is the last resort. It might seem nice and convenient at first, since it’s open as late as 10PM every day, but shopping here comes with a cost.

Look at that! Everything is sold at a 25% markup to Pierre’s prices. This blows, but thanks to the robbery-via-avian this morning, I don’t really have much of a choice but to plant some more potatoes to make up from it, and that means that I need to buy them here.

I bought as many potato seeds as I could. I managed to get nine. Ow. At Pierre’s, I would’ve gotten twelve. This is why we hate the corporations.

Actually, I thought that corporations generally undercut smaller businesses. They should have more competitive prices.

Here’s the manager, Morris. He’s a bit of a bellend, honestly. He already assumes that we want to become a Jojo Member, which we absolutely don’t. Why? Well, there’s actually a good reason for it, besides from stubbornness. But I’ll get into that later.

Atomic Jane doesn’t like Morris. He’s like a villain. All weird bow-tie and creepy smile.

Also, where’s Aisle A? The missing aisle. Is that where Jojo keeps all the bodies of it’s dead, overworked employees? I wouldn’t put it past Morris, honestly. He seems like he’d be okay with that.

I got out of there as quickly as possible. The place felt dirty, even though it looks so sterile.

We tried a spot of fishing just outside JojoMart.  caught one fish, but the second one that caught my line completely owned me.

After that, I just went home. It was getting late anyway, and we had a few potato seeds that we needed to plant and make room for.

I extended by  patch my another tile, turning it into a fairly sizeable 6×8 plot. This gave us the space that we needed to plant the nine potato seeds that we bought. We won’t need to buy any for a little while now. Watering these babies on a normal day is going to take up about half of our stamina bar as it is.

Speaking of stamina, I had a little bit left, so I decided to chop down a few trees before bed time. You can’t go wrong with chopping down trees, especially this early in the game. It might not be useful right now, but we’ll need it in abundance in the seasons to come.

I thought I chopped this tree down yesterday.

Some butterflies came out of this one when I hit it. Or maybe they were moths. I’m no expert. Let’s just pretend that it’s a mixture of the two.

It was getting close to 1AM when we finally tired ourselves out completely. We got 40 wood for our effort, as well as a couple of stone and some tree seeds. We dunk it all in the chest for later use and head to bed.

We ended on a fairly low note today, but that’s okay, because I didn’t put the majority of the fish that I caught into the shipping bin, anyway.

Join us after the weekend, where we’ll hopefully have a nice sunny day. Until then.

The Stardew Valley Diary is a work in progress. I’ll be updating it at least three times a week – for now – and I’m planning to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – so if you enjoyed this, please check back on those days. If you’re a social media person, you can follow me on Twitter, where I only really post updates to the website. Promise I won’t spam your feed with political nonsense or anything. Just warm, fresh, gaming goodness.


2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 3

  1. I always look forward to rain in these kinds of games, I hated watering plants the most in Harvest Moons so it’s good to be able to take a break from it.

    The scarecrow mechanic was interesting, it was nice seeing new additions like that.

    Looking forward to seeing the ending!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hate watering the plants, too. Rainy days are the best, you have all that energy to do whatever you want. Fortunately, we can automate the whole watering thing later by making sprinklers, but that’s a way off…


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