Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 4

Back to clear blue skies today. Well, I assume they’re clear and blue. Could be anything, really – can’t see the sky.

We water the crops, which eats up over half of our stamina. Ouch. Well, it’s safe to say that we don’t need any more potatoes for now. We can slow down until we have a nice harvest.

We get halfway into town before I realise that Atomic Jane has left her fishing rod behind. Yikes.

I run back and grab it, dropping off some other tools at the same time. I keep my axe and my pick handy, just in case I see any resources I want to gather.

Inventory space is low right now, and will continue to be so even after getting the first backpack upgrade. So it’s best that we get into the habit of storing tools that we don’t need at the moment.

Before we go on with the day, I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the games many features – the journal. The journal fills the function that any journal fills in a video game – it’s there to remind you of any outstanding tasks or quests that you have left to complete.

You do recieve the odd quest in Stardew Valley – I suppose it’d be more appropriate to call them ‘odd jobs’ rather than ‘quests’, since they’re hardly epic or anything, but there you go. Nobody has officially handed a task over to us yet, but our journal already has two entries in it. Let’s see what they’re all about, shall we?

‘Getting Started’ gives us the job of growing and harvesting a parsnip. An easy enough job, especially since the game gave us ten parsnip seeds to start with.

We should our first parsnip harvest tomorrow, so this one is already in the bag.

The next quest is called ‘Introductions’, and, as per the title, our task here is to introduce ourselves to everyone in town. This seems simple enough – we’ve only got to say hello to four more people, after all – but some of the villagers can be a little difficult to track down. And to make matters even murkier, some villagers don’t even count toward this total. We’ll meet one of them later.

This one will get done soon, but not as soon as the parsnip quest. Give it a few days. We’re a little too busy to be running around trying to find the villagers that have strange schedules or hang out in weird places.

At the time that I checked the quest, though, I was outside the Doctor’s office. We haven’t said hello to him yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to pop in and say hello to another new villager.

In doing so, however, I proved my point about villager’s schedules being somewhat inscrutable. The office is open, but the doctor isn’t in. Ah. Well, I suppose we’ll come back another day.

Here’s Maru. We haven’t said hello to her in the diary yet, but Atomic Jane did greet her back on Spring 2. I forgot to take a screenshot at the time, though, because I was in a massive rush to get to Pierre’s before he closed. Sorry about that! Here she is now.

She’s Robin and Demetrius daughter. She follows more in her scientist father’s footsteps than that of her carpenter of a mother. As you can see from this little snippet of dialogue, she’s keen on astrology, and likely other sciences too. Can’t really remember – it’s been a while – but we’ll get to know her as the days go by.

There’s a calendar next to Pierre’s, marking birthdays and the dates of festivals in town.

The first festival is the Egg Festival on the 13th. We’ll be buying a lot of a certain something there. You’ll see.

As for birthdays, they’re important too. Why? Well…

Practically everyone in town has a friendship level. You can raise this by giving them gifts, but you can only give them two gifts a week. This means that you can’t wait until late game and spam high quality items at them to raise it before the games end.

Well, the game doesn’t really end – it can go on as long as you want it to – but there is an ‘ending’ when you’ve gotten through three years of the game. How well you’ve done over those three years influences the ending. Becoming friends with everyone in town gives you points towards the best ending, so it’s definitely something that you want to try and do.

Anyway, giving people presents on their birthday boosts their friendship level by a great degree. There’s a couple of other things that we can do later to speed things along, but for now, it’s probably best that we start giving people gifts. We can’t give them shrubs and rocks and random crap, though.

So, we have to plan for presents. You’ll see mine later today.

I decide to go to the town library, just to take a look at it, really. On the way, we meet Penny, who, funnily enough, decides to talk about the library.

Holy shit, Penny. Are you okay?

Just a little bit, yeah.

Here’s the library itself, home to Penny’s crushed dreams. Quaint little building, isn’t it?

Inside, we find books, of course, and resident librarian Gunther. Literally resident. I don’t think he ever leaves here.

As we play the game, we’ll find artifacts and gemstones and the like that we can donate to Gunther. He’ll give us neat little rewards in return.

Gunther doesn’t count as a person, unfortunately, so this quest remains at a standstill.

I decide to go to the beach and do a bit of late morning fishing. Along the way, I find a mussel. Insert a pun here, I guess.

We cast our line out off the pier again. I don’t know if it’s better to do from here or from the shore. It probably doesn’t make any difference. This way just makes for nicer screenshot material.

We get the Fisherman achievement, which means that we’ve caught ten different kinds of fish. Go us, I guess.

I stop fishing around 4PM. We got a fairly big haul here.

We get nearly 400g for it, which’ll go a long way toward what we need to buy today. Which is more seeds – but not of the potato variety.

Once more, we barely manage to get to Pierre’s in time. I really need to get better at timekeeping.

From him, we buy two cauliflower seeds, a bean starter, and three tulips. We’ll need the crops for quests and such later.

Cauliflower is a decent crop, but the seeds are a little too expensive, and the profit margin isn’t as good as potatoes, anyway.

Beans are interesting because they regrow themselves after one harvest, so you don’t have to buy seeds and replant, but again, the profit margin is pretty crap on them. We’ll be leaning a lot on crops like this in the Summer and Autumn seasons, though. Beans, unfortunately, just aren’t that great.

We bought tulips for another reason, though. We’ll have a few of these on hand so that we can’t give them out as gifts. Not all villagers like flowers, but they’re a pretty safe bet for the majority. Plus, it’s just nice to have a little crop variation.

We plant our three tulips on line, and our two cauliflower and solo bean on the other. After watering them all, I’m pretty beat. It’s very early in the day, though. It’d be a shame to waste the next five hours or so and go straight to bed.

Fortunately, I’ve planned for this. This is why I’ve been stockpiling green algae, seaweed, and spring onions.

I only gulp down the algae and the seaweed, though. I save the spring onions for another day.

Eating them gave us the perfect amount of energy for a little evening activity. I decide to head southwards into the forest to do a spot of fishing in the river down there. We need all the extra pennies that we can get right now.

I run through the bushes and the trees, foraging for horseradish or dandelions, but there doesn’t seem to be any. Rats.

I throw a line out here. We didn’t have much time, so I was planning to burn the rest of our energy chopping down that nearby tree after catching a couple of fish.

Three fish later, and we’re cutting down the tree. Can never have enough wood.

Our fishing level goes up, giving us more proficiency in rodding, and the recipe for crafting bait. Useless to us now, but it’ll be invaluable later.

I forgot to sell my fish, so it was a totally dead day. I’ll just have to sell them to Willy tomorrow.

See you next time.

The Stardew Valley Diary is a work in progress. I’ll be updating it at least three times a week – for now – and I’m planning to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – so if you enjoyed this, please check back on those days. If you’re a social media person, you can follow me on Twitter, where I only really post updates to the website. Promise I won’t spam your feed with political nonsense or anything. Just warm, fresh, gaming goodness.


2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 4

  1. I hope you plan on keeping a journal for the full three years–even though that would take almost as long in real time.

    I want to see Atomic Jane get married, have kids and go off to graduate school.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m enjoying writing this a lot more than I thought I would, so I’m hoping that we’ll see it through to the end, too! I want to see Atomic Jane’s story come to a conclusion! We might slip into daily updates not long after the New Year, so it might not take as long as you think!

      GO A.K GO MOON


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