Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 5

I decided to start the day off in the house this morning, if only to let Atomic Jane finally try out her television.

Today, there are two channels that we can pick from – the Weather Report, and the Fortune Teller. Let’s check out both of them, shall we?

Rainy day tomorrow. Nice. We’ll have a full bar of stamina to use. And, unlike the 3rd, we’ll actually have more options on how to use it.

Checking the weather report is a good habit to get into, honestly. Being able to plan a day ahead definitely has it’s benefits.

At this point, I’d just switch the television off. That’s too freaky for me. Atomic Jane is brave enough to press onward, though.

Every day, the game’ll randomly decide whether you have good or bad luck. It’s on a scale, from excellent to terrible, and today, apparently, it’s not going to be all that bad. Decent luck.

Luck influences a bunch of stuff. A whole bunch. Too much to list, to be honest. It effects everything from how much wood drops from trees, to the quality of crops that you harvest. Let’s just say that it’s better to have good luck rather than bad luck, but that it doesn’t make too much of a difference to our day to day life.

I don’t want to spend any more time inside the house. I order Atomic Jane to leave posthaste.

Parsnips! Before we can get to them, though, there’s someone on our doorstep.

Oh look, it’s Marnie! We haven’t said hello to her yet. She’s our local rancher, and she’s our first stop when it comes to buying animals and animal related products. 

Case in point – she has an animal with her right now.

Well, it’d be nice if it chased off the crows, I suppose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The cat (or dog, depending on what you pick at character creation) is actually a completely useless animal. It fulfils no purpose, other than being adorable. Other animals that we can get, like chickens and cows and such, obviously produce something that we can sell.

Anyway, we adopt the cat. Of course we do. He’s adorable. He doesn’t need to lay eggs, he can just roll around in the sun and be cute.

Miso is the default name for the cat, and it’s interesting enough, but I’d rather go for something a touch more predictable.

There we go.

We’re sure he’ll be fine, Marnie. We’ll come and see you when we need some animals, alright?

Despite the fact that the cat is useless, it’s still to our benefit to maintain it. Why? Well, like the villagers, the cat has it’s own friendship level. If you max this out before the end of the game, then that can go a good way toward getting you the best ending.

One of the things that you can do to befriend your cat is water it’s bowl once per day. I took the screenshot at a dodgy time, here, just as the watering can animation had finished, so it looks a little weird here.

You can also walk up to the cat and give it a pet, which boosts it’s friendship level a little bit, too.

And that’s all that you can do with the cat. Yup, you can’t even feed it any treats or anything. As I said, it’s mostly useless, ‘side from it’s cuteness.

Anyway, parsnips. They all should’ve grown, but the one in the bottom right hand corner hasn’t. This is the result of a weird bug that’s been there since launch, despite countless patches. It doesn’t happen very often, but it happens often enough that you see it from time to time.

All going well, it’ll grow tomorrow. We pluck the rest of them out of the ground. Twelve total, with one of them being of silver star quality. Decent. These’ll sell for a little more than standard quality.

There are ways to improve star quality on your crops – for example, there are a variety of different fertilisers that you can use. Since we can neither buy nor craft these yet, though, we’re stuck with boring, plain ol’ dirt.

Since we’ve had our first parsnip harvest, we’ve completed the ‘Getting Started’ quest. Let’s see what the reward is.

100g. Pretty pathetic, honestly, but I suppose it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

We also seem to have picked up another two quests – ‘Advancement’ and ‘Raising Animals’.

In ‘Advancement’, you have to craft one of those scarecrows that I was talking about back on Spring 3. We’ll do this tomorrow, hopefully. I’m worried that the harvest won’t be big enough to level our crafting up, especially with that glitched crop.

In ‘Raising Animals’, we have to, you guessed it, start raising animals. Chickens, specifically.

We won’t be touching this one for a while, unfortunately. We’ll try to have a coop and chickens by the end of summer, but there are a lot more things that we need to spend our money on first before we even start thinking about it.

Anyway. Back to the farm. we store exactly one parsnip in our chest for later use. Nope, not for eating. Something else. You’ll see in a few days.

We sell the rest via the shipping bin, but I really should’ve sold them to Pierre, thinking back on it.

The reason being is that there are currently thirteen empty spaces in our plot, which means that we need to buy thirteen potato seeds. At 50g each, this is going to cost us a tidy 650g. Now we either have to fish, or settle for inferior parsnip seeds.

Fortunately, we already have three fish on us from yesterday, so we should be able to raise 300g pretty easily. We’ll head into town shortly. Before that, though, let’s read our mail.

Okay, poke.

This is about the only good thing that Joja Corp does all game. The mine is unlocked, hooray!

We’ll pay a visit to the mines later today. For now, a visit to town and fishing and all that.

We’re interrupted by a cutscene as we head into town, though. We walk up to Mayor Lewis, who’s looking at the ruined old town hall.

Hi, Lewis.

Yeah, it is in a bit of a sorry state. Holes in the roof and the lot. Can’t you get Robin on this? I heard that she does carpentry.

To be fair, though, television is pretty good. Have you seen that Fortune Teller channel? Mad shit.

Sorry, Lewis. Go on.

Ah. Joja are involved. You officially have my attention.

Don’t worry, Lewis. We’re not gonna buy one of those. Already decided that back on Spring 3.

Sure, alright.

Looks as knackered on the inside as it does on the outside, to be honest. Also, it’s much bigger, too.


That would explain that weird mud hut structure on the left, yeah.

Lewis, we get it. It’s knackered. You’re sad about it. It’s okay.

Then, Atomic Jane spots some weird apple shaped thing up there on the top middle left. Look, it’s giving us a wave. It’s enough to make Atomic Jane leap five feet into the air in fright, though.

It disappears just as soon as Mayor Lewis turns around to see what all the fuss is about, though. It makes things a little awkward.

Ill? Like mentally ill, or physically ill? Are you trying to infer that we’re on drugs? I promise you that the only drug I’m on is fresh air and good times. Can’t speak for Atomic Jane, though.

His remark is enough to make her seriously depressed, though. Nice one, Mayor Lewis.

He recovers, or at least, he tries to, bless him. Good effort. That didn’t really look like a rat, though.

Another one appears, right behind Mayor Lewis. Once more, though, the apple creature makes us look insane by disappearing the moment that Mayor Lewis twitches.

Okay, he definitely thinks that she’s on hallucinogenics.

He makes his excuses, and gets the hell out of there.

Atomic Jane falls into yet another depression as Mayor Lewis walks away for a sandwich or whatever.

Don’t worry, Atomic Jane. I’ll make sure that we prove him wrong. I’ll make sure that we prove them alllllll wrong.

It wasn’t a rat, alright? It was some kind of walking, waving apple. Get out of here, Lewis.

Thanks for keeping it open, though. We’ll take a look around it at some point.

And that some point is right now. The town hall isn’t much of anything right now. It’s very much just an dilapidated shell of it’s former self, each room broken down and rotting away. We can revitalise them, though not in the way that you’d expect.

To restore the rooms back to their former glory, we need to use this shining panel here. This is the only one in the whole place at the moment, but, as we interact with it, more and more of them will open up in other rooms.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use the panel, since we don’t speak … whatever language this is. Apple language, probably, going by the state of that strange little creature that Atomic Jane saw.

Since we can’t do anything here right now, I finally head down to the beach to get some fishing done so that I can afford my potato seeds.

We bump into Handsome Elliott. He’s gazing into the sea wistfully.

We move on from Handsome Elliott and establish our fishing spot for the next hour or two. The plan is to fish up until 2PM or so. If I’m lucky (and the game said I might be) I should be able to raise 650g by then.

By 1:50pm, I’ve nearly hit my target. One more fish should do it. Handsome Elliott decided to join us around this point, though he didn’t get get close enough to interfere.

We sell our last fish to Willy, which raises more than enough money for our potato seeds.

We get to Pierre’s nice and early, which is good. We want to be able to spend a decent amount of time in the mines today.

I did spare a bit of time to say hello to someone new.

We meet the good Doctor Harvey, who doesn’t so much greet us, but enthuses us about some ‘stuff.’ Alright then, mate.

It ticks off another person on our list, though. Two more to go!

We buy the seeds that we need from Pierre, who’s looking extra smug today.

His daughter, Abigail, is also in the store. We catch up with her.

What? But it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Aren’t you looking forward to the weekend? I have it under good authority that everyone is looking forward to the weekend.

I think you probably just need some structure in your week, Abigail. Try getting a job.

Infact, just forget that I said anything.

By 3:30pm, we were back on the farm with our seeds planted. No need to water them – I watered the whole patch this morning, so they’re already wet when we sow them.

With that done, we can finally head to the mines. It’s a little late in the afternoon, but we should have enough time. We’re also low on stamina, but eating the seaweed that we have should see us through to floor 5. Why we want to get to floor 5? What’s even a floor? Find out in a few paragraphs. 

On our way up to the mountains, we spot a leek on the ground. We’ll actually need this for later – and no, not to sell it. Something else. You’ll find out soon, probably.

At this point, I realise that I have way too much crap on my hotbar, so I head back to Atomic Farm and dump it all in our chest. In the mines, you tend to pick up a lot of random items, all of which are useful in their own way. It’s best that we can carry as many of them as possible. As a result, I only pack my pick and some seaweed.

We’ll need another tool, too, but we’ll get to that shortly. Back up the mountain we go.

Further up the mountain, we spot some sort of caveman looking fella sat by a pretty neat looking campsite. Who’s this, then? Somebody new, definitely.

Linus is your towns resident homeless person. Well, he has a tent. He’s a decent enough guy, I suppose.
We won’t mind him, just like he asks. But it is another villager met, so that’s just one more to go.
Outside of the mine entrance.
We eat our seaweed, which gives us a little more stamina to play with.
As we walk into the mines, there’s a cutscene of some old bloke staring down a hole. Atomic Jane obviously wanders up to see what’s going off.
Ah, you’re just randomly musing about old stuff like the rest of the town, then.
I do like the sound of good ore, though.
Maybe some bats? Some rocks? Pirate treasure?

Are you telling me that it’s dangerous to go alone? That I should take this?


We receive the rusty sword, which we can use to attack stuff with. Using it is a bit like using the sword in Link to the Past, you know, if you’ve played that.
There’s a GIF later, don’t worry.

Finally, this guy introduces himself by name. He’s Marlon, and he runs the Adventurer’s Guild. We haven’t been there yet. What’s the Adventurer’s Guild? Well, you’ll find out on Spring 6, promise.

Marlon doesn’t count as a villager, so we still need to hunt around for our last person for the ‘Introductions’ quest. I know who we need to find, don’t worry. We’ll find him tomorrow too. Promise.

We stand in front of the entrance of the mines, sword and pick ready. Atomic Jane is a little nervous, but I tell her to calm down. Don’t worry, I say. I’ve done this hundreds of times before.

And I’ll pass that experience along to you, too. Here’s a brief overview of the mines and how they work.

The mine is a bunch of levels, essentially, each represented by floor numbers. Each floor is unique. There’s no procedural generation here or anything – the maps stay constant – though the layout of the rocks that you can see here does change if you exit and reenter the floor.

Hitting these rocks, for the most part, will just give us stone. Every rock in this room, regardless of it’s colour, is essentially just a boulder. There’s ore down here too, but there’s none of it in here. Since it’s what we’re here for, we’ll need to go down a floor to find some. And how do we do that? There’s no obvious exits or anything like that. Well…

Whenever we break a boulder with our pick, there’s a chance that we’ll reveal a ladder leading to the next floor, as you can see here.

Atomic Jane is startled by the ladder’s sudden appearance, though, scampering around it before finally settling in front of it. Don’t worry, Atomic Jane. It’s okay.

After going down to Floor 2, we immediately find our first thing that isn’t a boulder. Well, technically it’s a rock – or a geode, I guess – but, anyway, it’s a hunk of quartz. Quartz is good for a whole bunch of things, but we’re going to start hoarding as much as possible of it for one reason, and one reason alone – ‘quality sprinklers’. Later in the game, we’ll be able to craft these, and one of the ingredients is a bar of refined quartz. Since quality sprinklers will water crops for us in a small area wherever we place it, we want as many of them as possible. Automation is the name of the game. Well, actually, it’s called Stardew Valley, but…

There was nothing else decent on Floor 2. We find the exit pretty quickly, and hop on down to Floor 3. Hopefully there’ll be some ore down there – it is the reason that we came here, after all.

And, here we are – our first hunk of copper ore. This is the first of four ore types. We’ll see the rest of the ore types later on, as we delve further into the depths of the mine.

Hitting this vein with my pick three times gives us a handful of copper ore, anything between one and five pieces. It takes five pieces to make a copper bar, which is used to both craft items and upgrade tools. Both are things that we want to do, so we’ll need as much copper ore as we can get our little mitts on.

It’s a good job that we find another vein on the same floor, then. Obviously, we smash it to bits and shove it all into our pockets.

And we find the way down not far from that vein. Floor 4, ho!
On Floor 4, we encounter our first monster. Like a lot of first monsters, it’s nothing more than a humble slime. Let me show you how to kill it.
Here’s Atomic Jane, swinging her sword around just like Link. Except there’s numbers, and, frankly, the sword itself is a worthless piece of shit. It’ll take seconds to kill this slime, and it’s bound to get a few hits in on you, since there’s no hitstun or anything. And they charge – unpredictably.
Honestly, it’s best to avoid killing monsters as much as possible, at least in the beginning. They’re just time sinks for the most part, and their drops won’t be become useful until later in the game. Just dodge them instead, if you can.
We uncover the entrance to Floor 5 soon enough. This is a special floor. Why?
It has an elevator on it! Every fifth floor does, as a matter of fact – so 10, 15, 20, and so on. We can use this elevator as a shortcut, so we don’t have to make it to the bottom in one straight shot.
This list of floors is going to get a lot longer, though, trust me. How many floors until the bottom? Well, I know. Do you?
There wasn’t anything interesting on Floor 5. Here’s Floor 6 instead. We found the exit pretty much straight away, but I decided to go further into the tunnel and see if there were any goodies.
There was! Another copper vein.
And another.
By the time we get to Floor 7, though, it’s late, and we’re on our last pixel of stamina. Time to get out of here and go to bed.
393g from our parsnips. And no, our farming level didn’t go up, either. We’re going to have to go at least another day without a scarecrow. Ah, well.
Phew. That was a long one, wasn’t it? I’ll see you next time.

2 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 5

  1. Wow, so much new stuff in this one. I can’t wait to see what happens with the community center…I’m hoping it gets infested by Apple people.

    There are different endings? This is turning into my favorite thing to read after I get home from work.


    • Different enough to call them different, I believe! I’ve personally never seen one of them, so whatever we get, I guess we’ll all be seeing it together for the first time.

      Thank you for commenting, but more importantly, thank you for reading! I’m really happy that I can give you something to read and look forward to after work. Trust me, I know how important that is. If just one person reads and appreciates these, then, well – that’s enough for me!


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