Stardew Valley Diary: Year 1, Spring 6

We wake up to a rainy day. It’s a relief to not have to water the crops.

Saibara is waiting on our doorstep, presumably in possession of another bag of tricks for us today. Yesterday we got a whole cat, so it had better be good.

Good morning, Saibara. Oh, sorry. Your name is Clint. Saibara is from another game, right. Sorry, I always forget.

Being the town blacksmith, I imagine that the discovery of ore is good business for you, yes. Like Pierre, I can’t imagine what you were doing with your shop before I came to Pelican Town. Going bust, probably?

I mentioned this yesterday – raw ore is pretty much useless on it’s own, so we need to smelt it into bars. Five ore plus one coal makes one bar, and we can use that bar to make stuff with.

So, Mr. Saibara Clint, have you brought us a nice new furnace today?

No, not a shiny new furnace. A blueprint, so that we can craft our own shiny new furnace. This is good, because we’ll definitely want several of them.

Unfortunately, they cost 20 copper and 25 stone to craft, and while we have plenty of stone, we only have 8 copper to our name. Another reason to go back to the mines today.

Clint explains that we can also use our bars for construction and tool upgrades, both of which are incredibly important things. Yes, we can upgrade our tools to make them more efficient.

We’ll actually want to try and get a couple of tools upgraded before the end of Spring. Particularly the watering can, since an upgrade makes that piece of busywork easier.

As for construction – well, we’ll get there eventually.

Later, Saibara.

More mail today. Three whole letters! Atomic Jane tears into them with reckless abandon, happy to be Pelican Town’s ‘Miss Popular’.

Willy’s selling an upgrade to our fishing rod, which is all well and good. It’s a decent upgrade, and being able to add bait onto our rod is definitely a boon, but, like most upgrades, we’re going to have to file it under ‘buy it later’. The rod costs 2000g, which is chump change later in the game, but is a literal fortune right now.

A wizard has taken an interest in us for … poking around in that old community centre. He wants to help us out with our … rat problem? Look, mate, I already told Lewis – they’re apple people. Tiny apple pranksters.

Marlon, the oldish fella that we met in the mines yesterday, wants us to kill 10 slimes. It’s inevitable that we will at some point, so this one is pretty much a gimme.

There wasn’t much going on at the farm. Our glitched parsnip had grown, so we plucked it and threw it in the shipping container. This left us with an empty spot on our plot. We’ll swing by Pierre’s or Jojo’s at the end of the day and grab a single seed.

After that, there wasn’t much else to do here, so we left.

We head up the mountain, the exact same way as we did yesterday – up through the farm. On the way, I decided to head into Linus’ tent and say hello. Remember Linus? We met him yesterday. He’s the resident homeless person. Looks like an elderly Fred Flintstone.

Here’s the inside of his cosy little tent. There’s just about everything you would want in here. Sleeping bag, mugs, a book, calendar, a pile of logs … it even has a little window in the back. Not bad. I’d live in it. 

On second thoughts, never mind. I don’t want to join Linus in showering in the rain. There’s no privacy in that, Linus. Put it away, someone might see.

We head the mines, because of course we do. Why else would we climb the mountain? We need copper for our first furnace, and we’ll need bars for our upcoming tool upgrades.

We take the shortcut to floor 5, which we unlocked yesterday. Let’s see if we can make it to our next shortcut on floor 10 today, shall we?

We meet a new enemy type. You don’t get a good glance at it, because they die when you hit them once. It’s some kind of flying beetle. They’re easy enough to dispatch. They give us ‘bug meat’, which is the one and only crafting ingredient for bait. We’ll stockpile this stuff until we buy a new rod from Willy.

I make it to floor 6 pretty quickly, finding a ladder after smashing just one rock. Down here, we find the exit to floor 7 immediately. As well as that, there’s not one, not two …

… but three copper veins on floor 6. They’re smashed up and thrown into our growing pile of copper ore. After, we hop on down to floor 7.

Floor 7 was infested with slimes. Marlon wanted us to kill ten of them, so I set about destroying every single one, even if it did take a little while. The stuff that they drop – which is, funnily enough, slime – is used in one or two late game recipes. We might as well hoard it, since it sells for next to nothing anyway.

After killing a few slimes, I found the exit down to floor 8.

While we were trying to find the way down on floor 8, we smashed a rock open and found a geode. Clint can break these open for us, for a small fee. There’s interesting things inside of them. I’ll show you later.

We found the way down to floor 9 not long afterward.

We killed our tenth slime, updating Marlon’s quest in our journal.

We have a few quests, actually, it seems.

We can enter the Adventurer’s Guild now, which is nice. It just so happens that it’s right next to the mine, so we can check it out when we leave.

The letter that we got from M. Rasmodius asking us to visit him is naturally a quest. We’ll get around to this sooner, rather than later.

We’ve collected enough copper so far that we’ll be able to do this one when we head back to Atomic Farm in the evening.

Level 40 might seem like a high number, but it’s really not. We’ll get there in time, promise.

The mines can be a slow burner at times, but you’ll occasionally have days where you get lucky and get down ten or fifteen floors at a time.

Unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky today. We came onto this floor with over half stamina, but, by the time I was done breaking rocks to find the way down, I had absolutely nothing left.

I even had to make Atomic Jane eat this little bit of kelp that she had lying around, just to keep her going.

Finally, we found the way down. It’s disappointing that we won’t make it past floor 10 today, but it’s better than not being able to find a way down at all and unlock the shortcut. So really, I can’t complain.

On every tenth floor, as well as a shortcut, there’s always a treasure chest, too. Here’s our first one. Wonder what’s inside?

This time, we get a pair of bog standard leather boots. What can we do with them? Well, wear them, of course!

There are four gear slots in this game. You can wear a hat, which is a purely cosmetic thing. We can wear up to two rings, which give us special attributes. Then, there’s boots, which boost our defence. Leather boots are the most basic bitch boots available, and, as a result, they only give us +1. Better than a kick in the teeth, I guess.

We left the mines, since we were dead on stamina. Marlon’ll let us in the Adventurer’s Guild now, so I decided to head over there right away. The guild is just to the right of the mine’s entrance.

Cosy building, isn’t it? That fireplace looks tempting, especially on a day like this. Unfortunately, there’s no option to take a seat by it.

Marlon sells gear – swords, rings, and shoes. We won’t be buying anything from him for a while, though.

We can always sell him our monster parts in a pinch, though, if we need any extra cash.

On the wall there’s a bounty board. If we kill a certain amount of baddies, then we’ll be rewarded by Marlon. We’re a while off achieving any of these, but we’ll have them all done before the games end, no doubt.

The fella looking cosy in his rocking chair is Gil. He doesn’t have much to say. I guess we’ll come back when we have something to show him. Cryptic.

I decide to head back into town. On the way, we bump into Abigail, who’s playing her flute in the pouring rain for some reason.

Atomic Jane leaves her to it.

I decided to head to The Stardrop Saloon. We were low on stamina, so we weren’t going to get much else done today in terms of actual work. We’re still missing one villager for our ‘Introductions’ quest, and I was hoping that we could find them in here.

It looked nice and busy tonight. Still no sign of our last villager, though. Might as well say hello to everyone while we look around.

Shane didn’t tell us to go away today. Progress!

Rain does the opposite of make me thirsty. It usually makes me sleepy. Or, alternatively, it makes me want to pee.

Leah lets us know her plans for dinner. I love spicy food. Wonder what Atomic Jane would make of it?

On second thoughts, she’s been eating nothing but seaweed and algae for the past six days. I’m sure she’d love an actual meal.

Pam is passed out drunk, and doesn’t have anything to say to us. Oh, Pam.

Gus is his usual cheery self. Hey, Gus. Your ‘tache is looking good, as usual.

Emily is thinking about her friend Sandy, who lives in the Calico Desert. Will we ever meet her friend Sandy? Yes, but not for a while. We’ll need to repair the bus to visit Calico Desert, and we don’t even know how to do that yet.

The last villager that we need to introduce ourselves is in the games area! He’s hanging out with Sam, who we met back on Spring 1, I believe.

We don’t drink Joja products, Sam. We just buy a few seeds from them every now and then when Pierre is unavailable.

And here’s the last villager that we need to introduce ourselves to. He’s called Sebastian, and he has a haircut like a Final Fantasy character. He’s Robin’s son, and Maru’s half-sister, I guess.

Like a lot of the villagers, he’s wondering why we even bothered moving here. Helluva welcome, Sebastian. And one helluva name, too.

Our journal updates itself, and our ‘Introductions’ quest advances a stage. Now it’s called ‘How To Win Friends’. How do we win friends, game?

Giving them gifts, apparently. Let’s give it a shot.

We hand over a chunk of quartz that we found in the mine’s today. Let’s see what Sebastian thinks of it.

He likes it! Hooray!

The quest chain is now complete, and we get 100g as a reward. Guess it’s better than nothing.

Giving Sebastian a single gift didn’t make any visible impact on his friendship level. It’s a slow burn, unfortunately – you’ll have to hand over a lot of gifts to get them all the way up to eight or ten hearts.

What makes things even more complicated is that each villager has preferences when it comes to gifts. While Sebastian might have thought that our chunk of quartz was alright, Penny might absolutely hate it. Giving quartz to Penny might even decrease friendship level, so we have to make sure that we’re giving appropriate gifts.

Remember how we harvested that parsnip at the beginning of the day? Well, we’ll need to replace it. It’s too late to go to Pierre’s, so I take a quick trip over to JojaMart.

The poor cashier looks so tired.

We take our seed and go. No need to hang around here.

We head back to Atomic Farm and plant it in the ground straight away.

Here’s what we have inside of our chest. A bunch of seeds, wood, and crap that’s dropped off monsters. What’s nice, though, is that we do have 31 copper.

This means that we have more than enough to craft our first furnace. We’ll even have enough copper left to smelt two bars up.

We place our first furnace down right next to our chest. We’ll move this around when we create a dedicated area for our furnaces later. Unlike chests, they aren’t a problem to move around – just hit them with your pick, and they’ll pop into your inventory.

I still had a little stamina left. I don’t like going to bed with anything left than a pixel of stamina, so I used the last little bit on smashing up a bunch of rocks that were scattered around the farm.

Even though it’s hard to see, Atomic Jane is holding onto our first ever copper bar here. Accomplished, she heads straight to bed.


We also get the recipe for basic fertiliser, a little item that we’ll be using plenty of in the seasons to come. It’ll increase the quality of our produce, meaning that it’ll sell for more cash.

Mining also levels up, and with it, we get the recipe for cherry bombs. They’re pretty useless, though, so we won’t be making any of them.

Poor profit again, but don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that we’ll get potatoes tomorrow, and when we sell those …

Well, you’ll see. I haven’t been growing them for no reason, have I?

See you next time.

The Stardew Valley Diary is a work in progress. I’ll be updating it at least three times a week – for now – and I’m planning to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – so if you enjoyed this, please check back on those days. If you’re a social media person, you can follow me on Twitter, where I only really post updates to the website. Promise I won’t spam your feed with political nonsense or anything. Just warm, fresh, gaming goodness.


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