How long have I been gone? Long enough.

I can’t be arsed making excuses for my absence, mostly because it’s pointless. Roughly three people read Atomic Kote on a regular basis, and I doubt that those people will come rushing back into the fold. Instead, I will just say this: I’ve been busy with some important shit. Life changing shit, frankly. Incomprehensible shit.

So, instead of banging on about that, let’s focus on the bit of news that actually matters. The blog, the website, the toilet, whatever you want to call it, it’s back, redesigned to the best of my ability. Every article that was on here previously has been tossed out into the trash. I’ve preserved a few of them in the drafts folder rather than deleting them outright, but, for the most part, the old content is gone, gone forever, likely to never return. The reason for this is simple. Because I’m no longer a WordPress Premium user, nor do I have the funds to become one, the formatting on those articles had gone tits up, making them into ugly messes that, as of now, I can’t be bothered to fix. Instead, I’d rather focus on producing new content.

But what will that new content be, I hear myself ask? The same guff as before, really. In terms of what I plan to produce, nothing has changed, I’m just planning to produce it at a more constant rate. The difference being is that I’m going to try and see this as a hobby, rather than as a potential future business idea.

That was the issue with the old Atomic Kote. I really did want to make something out of it. I wanted to try and gain some internet fame like the ye olde blogs of yore did, but frankly, that’s impossible with the current state of the internet. The cash and fame, unfortunately, is no longer in blog writing, unless you’re a well established personality who already has a fanbase that they can beckon from YouTube or Twitter or some other website. Starting from the ground up with a blog and expecting more than a dozen or so people to pay attention to you is a foolish endeavor, and only leads to depression when that article that you’ve worked on for several hours in the hopes that it would, finally, break the internet, only ends up getting a handful of views.

So, the only thing that’s changing is the purpose of this site. In short, rather than trying to make it an outlet where everyone flocks to me for some reason, I’m just going to treat this as a project of passion. Yeah, I’ll still post my stuff on Twitter and whatnot, but I’m not going to be refreshing the view counter hoping that someone has finally looked at it. Instead, I’m just going to write for me, write stuff for me, write stuff that I would enjoy writing, treat it as an outlet for my own creativity and desire to document.

So, if you’re reading this or any other article on the website, odds are that I’m grateful for you for doing so, but ultimately, you’re reading something that I’ve churned out in order to make me happy, rather than to make you happy. Of course, that could change. There’s still an incredibly slim chance that I could get a proper readership. But we’ll take it on a day to day basis.

For now, in terms of this being a personal blog, that’s all I have to say. There’ll be a nice, shiny new gaming article coming out either later today or tomorrow, depending on how much I can get written. From then, I’m going to try and publish stuff a few times a week, just as before. I know I used the expression ‘churn out’ only a paragraph ago, but the content will strive to be of a certain quality, a readable quality, as entertaining and informative as I can stand to make it.

So, if you are a returning reader, which I highly doubt, welcome back. If you’re a new reader, hello there, it’s nice to meet you and all that. I hope you enjoy what I’m going to put up here, and if you don’t, then I don’t care. Cheers.