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Hello there. You might have stumbled on my website and wonder what it’s all about. There’ll be a blog post coming about this later, but for now, I’ll give you the basics.

The website and what I refer to myself online go by the same handle – Atomic Kote. This is the name that you’ll see on Twitter and any other social media that I post my content on. I’m from the UK, currently working a job that I don’t really like, much like many other people around the globe. I have a degree that I’ve never done anything with; primarily because I don’t have much of a portfolio, or, indeed, much experience within the industry.

The website doesn’t exist for that purpose, however. It’s less a portfolio and more of a passion project. I officially registered the domain name on the 16/05/2018 for a full year. Previous blogs have always been, and I’ve never maintained them for more than a week. The challenge is to maintain it for at least a year. If I have a consistent amount of views in that time, fantastic, I’ll keep it up and hopefully run this website for many years to come. If, after a year, nobody is looking at it, then I’ll respectfully let it die in the water. At the very least, it will stand here as a testament to my perseverance. Or it will be an example of my success. Let’s roll the dice and see which one it is.

I adore writing, and I’m looking forward to this being an outlet for my creativity. That’s what this website is. An outlet. There’s going to be a wide variety of features and articles on the website over the coming year, but most of them will be gaming, entertainment, and pop culture related, as you can see by looking at the articles already posted on the website. I’m a big Nintendo and retro gaming fan, so a lot of the articles will be slanted toward that on the gaming front. Still, I have a PS4, so hopefully I should be able to find a few things to cover on that, too. There will be reviews – if I ever get any review codes, or just get ahold of a game early enough for it to be relevant, too.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, or if you just feel like supporting a fledgling writer, then you can throw me a follow on Twitter. You can also fire a direct message to me on there if you want to chat.

Thank you for reading. I genuinely appreciate every single one of your clicks, and every single read of one of my wordy-things.

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